Nanao (set of 5 candles)

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Takazawa Candle have been producing traditional handmade candles derived from plant-based raw materials since 1892. 

These candles have a tall flickering flame, they are designed to provide a calming and relaxing light to a room and let off less soot and smoke, due to their plant-based materials.

This set is named after the city Nanao which is surrounded by the sea and mountains. There are five different candles, all with a motif of a different plant that grows in the Noto Peninsula. The candles are all named after a letter of the word ‘plant’.

Due to each piece being made from natural Haze wax, candles come in an array of soft colours, such as, off white, muted grey and muted ochre.


Burn time: 110-130 min.

Set of five candles.

Stand sold separately.